SFV OG has been written as to coax out a more euphoric uplifting head buzz, basically adding sativa effects to counteract the dreaded (or loved, depending on your mood) "couch-lock" that is often associated with most OG strains.

Chemberry - Red Beard Farms

This hybrid strain is a mix of DJ Short's True Blueberry and Chem Dog. it is used by patients to provide relief from many conditions, including upset stomach, pain from nerve damage, muscle pain, opiate withdrawal, and anxiety. Great for pain relief during the day since the high will not cause you to lose focus. The potency is medium to high, but effects of the smoke are very relaxing and calming. The aroma is exactly like smelling a basket of fresh picked blueberries, with just a hint of lavender and expect the flavor to be a mix of the two as well. The toke is smooth but strong. In appearance, the leaves range from light green to dark green that show purple hints.

Viper Cookies 29.49%THC - Madrone California

This wonderful sample of Viper Cookies cultivated by the artisans at Madrone California tests at 29.49% THC. A cross between Viper City OG x Forum Girl Scout Cookies, this exotic flower has purple highlights, with orange pistils, and large amount of THC glands. The smoke is smooth, yet thick and full bodied. Aroma is sweet with a mix of fuel and berries. The viper bite is instant and will be appreciated by experienced patients.