WunderFruit CBD 200mg 20:1 CBD to THC

This CBD tincture has 190mg of CBD and 10mg of THC in the bottle. Each dropper use will have .3mg of thc and 6.3mg of CBD. Tinctures are a liquid concentration of cannabis CBD mixed with with coconut oil. Just a few drops of this concentrated serum under your tongue, and within a few minutes, you’ll be feeling the effects. Unlike edibles, you feel the effects of tinctures rather rapidly, sometimes within 15 minutes. Although the high varies with respect to the type of bud used, tinctures are known for delivering a peak rather rapidly and then bringing a steady high over a long period of time. Unlike eating weed, you won’t be waiting around for an hour and a half, wondering if you’ve peaked yet and if it’s safe to go about your daily activities, or if you should resign your seriously-baked-self to the house.

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